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Curly's was established in 1961 in Jackson Center, Ohio (the same small town that Airstream Travel Trailors are made) as a custom meat processing business. Beef animals were slaughtered and processed for farm families who raised their own animals.

In 1990, Larry Edwards purchased the business and continued to do custom processing of beef animals and added pork processing, including the curing and smoking of hams, bacon and a variety of sausage choices.

Retail sales of individual beef and pork cuts were added for consumers who didn't raise their own animals or who only needed smaller quantities.

The Curly's Meat Farm was started in 1995 to raise hormone-free, corn-fed beef for families looking for a healthy alternative to grocery store meat. In this age of public concern for the safety of meat, both real and perceived, Curly's offers the security of knowing where the beef was raised, what it was fed, and how it was processed. (click on photo to see more images from Curly's Meat Farm)


Specialty items such as beef jerky, bratwurst and a pet snack product that we call 'My Dog's Jerky', have gained in popularity to the point that an expansion to our facility was added in late 2003. We obtained federal inspection in 2004 which allows us to offer our products globally.

In this day of mega-meat plants, Curly's, though small, will continue to be a source of quality, wholesome beef and pork by maintaining control of our products from our gate to your plate!

Curly's Mission Statement

Curly's strives to provide value added high quality meat products from locally raised animals processed to individual requirements.

Map + Directions - 315 East Street - Jackson Center, OH 45334

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